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Integrating with 24sessions

JRNI’s integration with 24sessions makes it easy to deliver virtual bookings that can be just as impactful as any in-person ones. By leveraging the 24sessions secure video calling and co-browsing offerings, you can concentrate on maintaining a meaningful and interactive customer experience.


To use this integration you will need:

  • JRNI “Owner” or “Admin” user access and permissions
  • Your 24sessions sandbox environment
  • Your 24sessions client ID (or “Secret”)

To initiate the integration please contact your JRNI Customer Success Manager.

How does it work?

The 24sessions integration is unidirectional, which means that JRNI feeds booking information to your 24sessions account, but 24sessions does not feed booking information back to JRNI.

There are 3 core booking functions that can be performed in JRNI, that will reflect in 24sessions; creating a booking, rescheduling a booking, and canceling a booking.

New bookings

New bookings that are created via JRNI will be reflected in 24sessions. Staff can join via the booking in JRNI or 24sessions, and their customers can join via the URL provided in their booking confirmation email.

Visit our guide for more information on creating a booking in JRNI Studio.

Rescheduled bookings

After a booking is moved to a different date and time and/or staff member via JRNI, the original booking in 24sessions will be deleted and replaced with the updated booking.

Visit our guide for more information on rescheduling a booking in JRNI Studio.

Canceled bookings

After a booking is canceled via JRNI (by the staff member or customer) the booking in 24sessions is updated with one of the following statuses: “canceled_guest” or “canceled_user”, depending on whether the customer (“guest”) or staff member (“user”) canceled the booking.

Note: It is not possible to join a meeting that has been canceled.

Visit our guide for more information on canceling a booking in JRNI Studio.

Attending bookings

Meetings can be joined at any time after they have been created, and up to 3 hours after the logged meeting time, after which the meeting expires (and can no longer be joined).

When you (the staff/meeting host) are ready to join the call, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into JRNI at the location of the booking.
  2. Locate the booking from the search bar or the calendar.
  3. Select the Join Meeting button on the booking, followed by Join Meeting again on the next screen.
Joining a 24sessions meeting via JRNI Studio
  1. If you are not already logged into your 24sessions account, you will be asked to log in at this point.
  2. Once you have logged in (or if already logged in) you will be taken to the device check page (as below).
24sessions meeting device check screen
  1. Here, you can set your microphone and camera preferences, and perform any tests before starting and entering the meeting room. When ready, select the Start The Meeting button to enter.
  2. Upon entering the meeting room, you will see:
    1. The screen where your customers initials will be displayed (exemplified as "JS" below), or their camera view (if they have enabled their camera).
    2. Your (the host's) initials and camera view (if switched on) on the right. Including additional settings.
    3. The 24sessions meeting controls.
24sessions meetings room example

  1. To end the meeting, select the End call icon from the bottom right corner.
Tip: If your customer leaves the call by mistake, they can re-join by following their original meeting URL. If ended by the host it will be considered "complete" and neither party can re-join.
Completing/Ending bookings

Once a meeting has been joined by both parties, it is considered ‘complete’ in 24sessions and cannot be re-joined once ended by the host.

Adding new staff to JRNI

The integration uses the matching email address of the staff member in both JRNI and 24sessions to assign bookings to the relevant person/staff. Therefore, it’s important that each time a new staff member is added to your JRNI account, that their email address added is identical to that of their 24sessions email address.

Adding new services to JRNI

Currently, the integration with 24sessions requires additional steps to sync your JRNI services and 24sessions account. Though we are looking to streamline the process even further, this helps to ensure your integration is maintained and future services added are connected to your 24sessions account as expected.

Important: Once you have the integration enabled, it’s important that you contact your JRNI Customer Success Manager before creating any new services. They will arrange the necessary steps for you.

FAQs and troubleshooting

Are JRNI booking notifications available with the 24sessions integration enabled?

Yes! Currently, only standard JRNI email notifications are available.

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about the 24sessions integration, please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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