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In this guide, we introduce you to our new landing page builder and explain how staff can configure a unique landing page for an event.

Along with the landing page builder, we have given our events module a small UX/UI update. We have made it easier to navigate to the attendee's tab from the list page of events, added some color, and moved the image uploader to the events creation/edit flow.
Currently, the event landing page is only available for single events

The new landing page builder

How to access
Note: The journey builder is accessible on parent and child companies

The landing page builder can be accessed by navigating to Studio → Your Business → Events Single Event→Select view or edit under "Actions""Landing page" tab.


The landing page builder for events is a powerful feature that allows you to create customizable pages for the events that you offer on our platform. With our user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly design a personalized landing page for your event, showcasing your brand in style. But that’s not all - we’re here to help you reach a wider audience. Easily promote your event through social media and various marketing channels, ensuring maximum exposure and attendance.

Creating a landing page
  1. Inside Studio, navigate to Your Business → Events → Single events → Select view or edit in the ‘Actions’ dropdown → Landing page tab
  2. Click on the "Build landing page" button. This will direct you to the landing page builder.

  1. This is where you can customize your landing page. Once you're ready, simply click 'Save' to create your landing page. You can then preview the landing page directly from the landing page tab.

Customizing a landing page
  1. Selecting a layout design
    In this section, you can pick a preferred design for the general layout of the page.
  1. Selecting a branding theme
    The drop-down will list all the branding themes that were created under the company's parent using the Branding Theme Builder. Simply select the branding theme you want to apply and it will automatically adapt the colours, fonts, buttons etc of your landing page.
    You can refer to the Branding Theme Builder documentation here.
  2. Show/hide sections
    The builder allows you to show or hide different sections based on the use case for a specific event. You can include sections such as custom header, event description, agenda, speakers, related services & custom footer - allowing full flexibility.
    1. Custom header
      Optionally, you can choose to show a custom header at the top of the landing page. The header will contain the logo obtained from the branding theme. Moreover, you can add links to the header by clicking the '+' icon directly on the preview screen.
    2. Banner image
      You can upload/change the banner image by simply clicking on the banner image in the background (on the preview screen).
    3. Event title
      You can show or hide the event details. All these event details are taken automatically from the event form in Studio. They contain the event title, short description, registration button, address, date, and time.
    4. Event description
      This section allows you to provide a custom, detailed overview of the event with a longer event description.
    1. Agenda
      This section allows you to add agenda topics. Each agenda topic consists of a title, description, and a start/end time. To add an agenda item, click on the "Add agenda topic" button directly in the preview.
    2. Speakers
      This section allows you to list event speakers with a speaker’s photo, name, and designation (normally their job role). To add a speaker, click on the "Add speaker" button directly in the preview.
    3. Related services
      If the event is related to one or multiple appointment services that you offer, you can promote the booking of these services directly on the events landing page. To add a related service, click on the "Add service" button directly in the preview. The service list will be retrieved from all services set up for the company in Studio.
    4. Custom footer
      You can optionally include a custom footer at the bottom of the landing page. The footer contains customisable copyright text and or social media links. You can add links to the footer by clicking the '+' icon directly on the preview screen.
    Viewing the landing page
    A preview of the landing page can be found inside event details → Landing page tab. Users can also open the landing page URL to view the landing page. The URL can be found inside the landing page tab and builder (at the top).

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about the new customer booking journey, please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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