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A personal booking link is a unique link generated for each staff member that allows them to share their availability with clients. By sharing the link, the customer/ or client can easily book an appointment with the staff member. The personal booking link can be accessed through the JRNI platform by navigating to the staff profile page.


The personal booking link is a convenient and time-saving feature that enables staff members to manage their appointment efficiently, while also providing a seamless booking experience for the client. By sharing the personal booking link, staff members can eliminate the need for customers to call or email to schedule appointments specifically with them, making it easier for both parties to manage their time effectively. 

Overall, the personal booking link is a valuable tool that can help staff members streamline their booking process and improve their overall productivity, while also providing a better customer experience for your clients. 

Follow the steps below to access the personal booking link:

  1. Login to your JRNI account.
  2. From the left-hand menu, select Your Business > Staff.
  3. Click the staff member’s name to load the Staff Profile.
  1. Under the details tab, you will see the personal booking link for the staff. You can copy the link to the clipboard and share this with your client.


To reschedule an appointment, the customer simply needs to click the rescheduling link in their confirmation email or booking reminder. This will take them to the rescheduling page, where they can select a new timeslot that works for them. The available time slots on this page will be limited to the availability of the staff member they booked with originally. 

If a staff member leaves the business and their user account is either disabled in the staff profile or is deleted, then their booking link will also be deactivated. This means that if a client tries to access the link for a deactivated staff member, they cannot book an appointment with them.

Instead, they will be redirected to a landing page that indicates that the staff member is no longer available for bookings. The landing page will include a booking button that customers can click on to proceed to the general customer journey, where they will be able to book an appointment with any member of staff.

How to enable it

Please speak to your Customer Success Manager who can support you with enabling this feature.

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