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Creating availability for multi-location staff

You will need Parent level access for this.

If your company has staff members that work across multiple locations or branches, whether that be remotely or in-person, JRNI allows you to ensure their availability is accurately reflected for each.

Creating availability for multiple locations or branches

Before creating multiple shift patterns for different locations, it’s worth checking the staff member is assigned to the required locations. You can do this by logging in at the Parent level, navigating to Your Business > Staff > Locations (next to staff member’s name). 

Once you’re happy with the locations assigned, follow the steps below to create new Conditions for each location that requires staff member availability:

  1. Login to your JRNI account at the Parent level.
  2. From the left-hand menu, select Your Business > Staff.
  3. Click the staff member’s name to load the Staff Profile.
  4. Select the Schedule tab from the top of their profile.
Staff schedule page

  1. Under the Conditions menu, click Create new. The window below will open for you to complete the following:
    1. Give your condition a name; e.g;, “Availability for X location”.
    2. Assign a color. This helps to differentiate multiple conditions when viewing the staff’s schedule.
    3. All locations assigned to that staff member will be selected/ticked by default. Untick any locations, leaving only the location(s) you wish to assign specific availability for.
    4. Click OK to save your changes.
Creating a new condition for multi location staff
  1. Repeat step 5 to create additional conditions for other locations that will need separate availability.
  2. Remaining on the staff’s Schedule page, you will now need to create a shift pattern for each location/condition created.
  3. Ensure the condition you would like to create a shift pattern for is selected.
  4. Select Create shift pattern from the top right corner.
  5. Complete the shift pattern form according to your staff’s availability, ensuring that the Condition field is set to the intended location. Click Save once complete.
New shift pattern form
  1. Repeat steps 8 - 10 to create a shift pattern for any other Conditions created.
  2. Remaining on the staff’s Schedule page, you will see the calendar has been updated with the availability set for that staff member. 

The example below displays a staff schedule that has two conditions set up for two different locations. Availability for Location 1 (in blue, as defined by the condition created) and availability for Location 2 (in red).

Staff schedule with availability for two locations
Note: Any availability/shifts set up for the Default condition will apply to all locations the staff member is assigned to. This will also be visible on the staff’s calendar. 

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about creating multi-location staff availability, please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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