Add BookingBug updates to Chatter

The Salesforce Chatter Feed allows users to receive updates from BookingBug in their feed. I.e. for new bookings and when bookings are updated. Some feeds need to be enabled in Salesforce in order to be able to view updates.

Chatter itself is enabled in Salesforce lightning as part of the out-of-the-box solution. However, some configuration needs to take place inside users' chatter pages to see updates.

  1. Inside Salesforce, go to Setup > Platform Tools > Feature Settings > Chatter > Feed Tracking. Here you can see all the Chatter objects.
  2. In the Contact and Event objects configuration screens, select the fields you want Salesforce to track. Make sure Enable Feed Tracking is set to true, then save.

Event updates and details of events can now be viewed on users' pages. Chatter updates are also displayed in the event itself in the Chatter tab.

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