V7.36.0 (Oct 30 2023)

Ibrahim Lambat Updated by Ibrahim Lambat

JRNI Release Notes v7.36.0 - 30th Oct 2023

New Feature

We're excited to introduce the all-new Multi-Staff Appointment Booking feature to the JRNI platform. With Multi-Staff appointment booking, you can add up to five members of staff to an appointment, enabling you to coordinate and manage schedules across your team.


  • A caching issue was fixed for the event settings page where it now automatically refreshes once a change has been made
  • There was an alignment issue in the branding theme builder when a hex code was added manually
  • If an event is mapped to a resource, then we automatically fetch the resource address to display on the event
  • We made improvements to the new scheduler to better handle timezones
  • Added additional integration queue monitoring in New Relic
  • We added a performance improvement to our Times API call

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