V7.0.0 (February 9 2023)

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JRNI Release Notes v7.0.0 - 9th February 2023


Customer Journey
  • Added appropriate names to interactive elements on the customer journey.
  • Added an enhancement to personal booking links so it is supported with categories.
  • Added translations for the branding page on the customer journey builder.
  • Fixed an issue with the jump to the next availability button in Studio.
  • Delivered the changes for Multi-Staff Phase 1.
  • Made changes to the Studio UI so it recognises countries with the same timezone and doesn’t display a warning message.
  • Fixed the time passed into times API call when adding staff to a booking in studio. It was incorrectly using the UTC timezone.
  • Confirmation page booking question answers not showing translated value.
  • Dynamic Translations are not properly sent on Confirmation emails.
  • Fixed an issue where services API person_ids contained staff that does not provide the service.
  • Fixed an issue with bookings being made over external blocks.
  • API parameters are being humanised in error messages.
  • Made changes to the webhook notification to support the multi-staff scheduling feature.
  • Configurator query params are returned as part of the personal booking link.
  • For the personal booking link feature, we made changes to all locations where services are offered and are displayed when the personal booking link is opened.
  • Added logs to the system when multiple staff are added to an appointment.
  • Person should be accessible at the parent if configured to be at a child location for personal booking links.
  • We’ve made changes to the customer-employee query parameters to support personal booking links.
  • Port all changes made for the multi-staff feature in v1 of the API to v5 of the API.
  • Services API continues to return old data after updating or deleting services.
  • Fixed an issue where no services were being returned on the personal booking link with the service step first customer journey.
  • Fixed an issue with all-day blocks on the exchange integration.

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