V7.1.0 (March 6 2023)

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JRNI Release Notes v7.1.0 - 6th March 2023


Customer Journey
  • We now specify the appropriate lang attribute for any text that is in a different language to the rest of the page
  • Fixed an issue where availability isn't being displayed on the locations under quick book for personal booking links.
  • Search results were not programmatically defined which has now been fixed.
  • Added the colour icon to the conditions panel on the staff schedule page.
  • We fixed issues with webhooks being delayed in being sent.
  • There were issues with Basic Analytics reporting not syncing which has now been fixed.
  • The basket checkout API on V5 was not returning the same error as V1.
  • The categories API now supports a person_id param.
  • The jump to next available feature now supports multiple assets.
  • Included service_id in child companies URL template.
  • Removing an appointment in the Google Calendar wasn’t deleting it from JRNI.
  • Add better error handling when the sync process fails for Analytics.
  • GCal: inbound events with multiple attendees are synced only for a single user.

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