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Managing live queues via the Concierge page

The Concierge page is the central hub of JRNI Virtual Queuing, where you can manage one or more live queues. Whether you are a staff greeter using the Concierge page to welcome walk-in customers to store and manage wait times, or a staff member looking to manage their own queue - this article walks through each step.

Note: You can only start managing a queue via the Concierge page once the queue has been created, and it has staff and services assigned to it. Visit our guide on setting up a virtual queue to get started.
JRNI Concierge page

Selecting a queue

Choosing a queue to manage

If multiple queues have been set up, you can choose a specific queue you wish to manage. Navigate to Home > Concierge and then select your chosen queue from the dropdown (top right corner).

Managing an individual staff queue

Typically, a staff greeter would be managing walk-ins and any queues via the Concierge page. However, there are cases where a single staff member might wish to manage their own queue for a service they are delivering. This can be done by selecting the staff member’s name/profile icon. This will open up a view of the individual staff queue, without the distraction of queuers waiting for a different service / staff member.

Managing an individual staff queue

Mark staff available for live queuing

To mark staff as available in a live queue, and ready to serve queuers, select Make available in one of the following sections; Staff busy, Staff on break, Staff unavailable. They will then appear in the Staff Available section.

Make staff available on the Concierge page

Serve a queuer

There are two ways to begin serving a queuer; 

A) By Staff: Navigate to the Staff available section and select the Serve next button. This will serve the queuer at the top of the Queuers list.

B) By Queuer: Navigate to the Queuers section, select the three-dot icon, followed by Serve now, and then choose a staff member (if multiple are available). Any queuer from the list can be selected and served, as required.

Serve queuer gif
Important: Staff serving in a queue can still be available for appointment bookings, according to their usual calendar. To avoid conflicts, if a staff member has an appointment booked within the next hour, this will show beneath their name and a warning will appear if they attempt to serve a customer. Learn more about this here.

Finish serving queuer

When a staff member has finished serving a queuer, simply navigate to Staff now serving and select the Finish serving button, followed by any outcome (Outcomes, if pre-configured, allow a staff member to enter an outcome after the completion of an appointment). The staff member will move back to the Staff available section and the queuer/customer will be removed from the Concierge page.

Add new queuer

To add a new queuer, or walk-in customer, navigate to the Add new queuer section and select one of the following:

A) Add new: Add a new customer by entering their name, mobile number, and any notes that will help give additional context, particularly for the serving staff member. Mobile number is used to send the customer any default SMS notifications that have been configured.

B) Add existing: Search for an existing customer by name or email.

Select the Serve now button to serve the customer immediately, Make Appointment to book a future appointment for the customer instead, or Add to queue to add them to the bottom of the Queuers list.

When adding a new queuer you’ll be asked to select from a service (if there are multiple). Any booking questions assigned to the service will also appear.

Add new queuer form

Create new appointment

Use the “Add queuer” steps above to create an appointment for the customer, instead of adding them to the live queue. Visit our guide on Creating appointments bookings for information on the booking process.

Remove queuer

There are two ways to remove a queuer from the queue (and consequently the Concierge page):

A) Leave queue: To remove a queuer from a queue navigate to the Queuer section, select the three-dot icon next to the queuer, followed by the Leave queue button.

B) Mark customer absent: Alternatively, if the customer is not present on-site, you can remove them from the queue by marking them as absent. Navigate to the Now serving section, select the three-dot icon, followed by Mark customer absent.

Mark a customer as absent from a queue

Mark staff busy / on break

Should the staff member need to take a break, or become unavailable for serving the queue, they can mark themselves (or be marked) as Busy or On break. Navigate to the Staff available section, select the three-dot icon, followed by one of the selected time periods for Busy or On break

Once selected, the staff member will move to the respective section. They will need to be made available manually by selecting the Make available button. 

Mark queue staff as busy or on a break

For added visibility, a red highlight will appear when a staff’s set busy/on break time is overdue, as below.

Staff busy period shows as overdue

Extend serving time

For any staff that are serving customers, the serving time can be extended if more time is needed. Simply select the three-dot icon next to the serving staff member, followed by the additional amount of time required.

Extend serving time gif

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about managing queues via Concierge, please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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