V7.28.0 (Aug 29 2023)

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JRNI Release Notes v7.28.0 - 29th Aug 2023

New features

  • We launched a new mobile optimised version of Studio that allows staff to handle appointments on the go by using Studio on their smartphones. Improvements and redesigns were made for the login pages, calendar, agenda, check-in, admin booking journey, staff-, customer-, resource- and booking profiles, list pages and attendee checkin on events


  • Added the new scheduler time data API
  • Fixed an issue where bookings that contain slots that only have resources assigned to it are throwing an error when an update is attempted
  • Sped up the admin person_api eager loading time
  • Fixed an issue where the TimeDataAPI in v3,v4,v5 did not work with the new scheduler
  • Fixed an issue fot the new multi staff bookings, where when a booking was moved to a different staff member, the previous staff (from which the booking was moved to), was also listed in the attendees list
  • Refactored email infrastructure

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