Link JRNI staff to Salesforce users

Link Salesforce users and JRNI staff to allow users to see their events (appointments) in their own calendars, and when pulling up reports linked to specific users.

The link is important, as this will define the ownership of newly created records in Salesforce.

Initial mapping is created during the authentication process, staff are automatically linked to Salesforce users based on email. In case no matching email is found, the staff is linked to the user (system admin) that setup the authentication.

Before getting started

Make sure you have finished the Setup data sync step, and staff emails are configured correctly in JRNI.

  1. Log in to Studio at parent company level and go to Settings > Integrations > Salesforce, and click Manage
  2. You will land on the Manage people screen which contains the following information:




    JRNI staff ID


    JRNI staff member name


    Salesforce user ID


    Used to change Salesforce User ID

  3. Click Edit for the required user(s) to provide / edit the Salesforce user ID:
    Provide the Salesforce user ID in the Email field. If the user ID saved in JRNI is not recognised, newly created records will revert back to the user ID for the user who set up the authentication.

Now you have fully connected Salesforce and JRNI. You can now set up Studio inside Salesforce.

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