V7.18.0 (June 26 2023)

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JRNI Release Notes v7.18.0 - 26th June 2023


  • We fixed an issue with sending staff notifications when the booking status changed.
  • Updated the copy on the main info header for the Journey Builder.
  • We have now exposed the Bulk Importer on the child location of the company.
  • We moved the step title in the journey builder in the side navigation.
  • We now support deleting a branding theme in the brand builder.
  • Pressing enter while focusing on the branding theme name field refreshes the page without saving the configuration.
  • We have disabled the continue button until the Save action is complete for an existing customer.

Customer Journey
  • We have made changes to our customer journey to support the migration over to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

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