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Calendar overview

The calendar is the central hub for appointments, staff schedules, and seeing your business’ day-to-day operations.

The calendar is accessible through the left hand menu under Home, at each Child level location. Through the calendar you can access information on bookings, staff schedules, resources, and a daily, weekly, or monthly agenda. 

Staff, resources, and agenda tabs

Depending on your JRNI configuration, you will find three tabs on the calendar:

  • Staff: displays bookings and availability by staff member.
  • Resources (if configured): displays bookings and availability by resource.
  • Agenda: displays a chronological list view of all upcoming bookings.
Example of staff, resource and calendar tabs

Changing the Calendar View

The Staff, Resource, and Agenda tabs show scheduled bookings, and the way they’re displayed depends on whether you are looking at the day, week, or month view. The default is the day view, but you can change the calendar view on the right hand side from day to week or month depending on your personal preference.

It is important to note that the Week and Month views are not accessible for groups of staff of more than 15.

Day View

The day view is the best way to view calendars by staff member or by resource (depending on which tab you’re in). The Agenda tab shows a list of appointments for the day by timeslot.

Weekly / Monthly View

For weekly/monthly calendar views in the Staff and Resource tabs, all appointments are combined into a single calendar (showing either the week or the month, depending on which you’ve selected), as shown below. From the Agenda tab, you will see a list of appointments in chronological order.

From any of these displays you can select bookings, view booking details, edit, and cancel appointments. Refer to the Rescheduling and canceling bookings article for more information. 

Changing the Date

If you want to view a particular date, you can use the calendar icon or arrows above the main calendar view as shown below. Changing the date is identical on all three tabs: Staff, Resources, and Agenda.

Moving the calendar date using arrows and mini calendar

Calendar features

Creating and viewing bookings

From the calendar you can create new bookings and view current ones. 

Current bookings can be seen within the calendar or agenda tab list; simply select a booking and the details of that booking will appear. You can create a new booking using the New booking button in the top right hand corner. For more information on creating new bookings refer to the Creating appointment bookings article.

Calendar Preferences

Within the calendar you have the option to change a few settings. The settings button is located on the right hand side of the page as shown below.

Calendar preferences button

There are two settings that you can change:

  1. Calendar orientation: This relates to the layout of the calendar. Within the Staff and Resources tabs, staff/resources will appear on the left hand side with the time across the top. This setting allows you to switch this so that staff/resources appear across the top with time slots down the left hand side. This setting is only available on the Staff and Resources tabs.
  2. Timezone: This option allows you to change the timezone using a dropdown menu. 

Understanding cell colors

When viewing the calendar in day/week view under the Staff/Resources tab, you will notice that some time periods appear as white cells and some appear as gray.


The gray and white cell colors help you to view the availability of staff and resources on a certain day. A staff’s scheduled availability will be represented using gray cells as seen below, whereas the white space represents time outside of working hours.


Bookings appear in the calendar as different colors depending on the service type. A booking can be selected and will show a snapshot of the booking including: date, duration, customer, and resource. From here you can view or cancel the booking. If using remote appointments, you will also see the option to join the video meeting.

For more information on bookings in the calendar, refer to the Rescheduling and canceling bookings article or Locating bookings and customers article.

Blocked Time

Blocked time refers to time that has been made unavailable due to absence or vacation days for example. Time that has been blocked out will appear on the calendar in a white box as shown below.

Example of blocked time on staff calendar

For more information on how to block out time, refer to the Blocking out time on the calendar article.

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about the calendar, please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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