Manage user permissions and profiles

User permissions and profiles in Salesforce allows you to decide which users can create appointments by having access to the BookingBug app.

BookingBug users in Salesforce will have access to API's for a specific role (System Admin who does the authentication), access to Studio tabs/pages and access to specific objects and fields to store data.


Set permission via profiles
  • Custom App Settings: booking__BookingBug_Classic and booking_BookingBug_Lightning

This setting is to make the Bookingbug app visible in the App Launcher menu. This app gives access to the visualforce pages.

  • Connected App Access: BookingBug (OAuth sync) and Bookingbug studio

This setting provides access to the profile to the connected app. If this access is not provided, the profile can not sync data (BookingBug) or view studio into Salesforce (Bookingbug studio).

Tab settings (Custom tab settings): Calendar, Config, Customers, Dashboard, Your Business

Tab settings allows to decide which tabs are visible for the profile user. In case you don't want every tab to be visible for the profile, you can switch it the tabs to off.

  • Enabled Apex Class Access:

Access to the CanvasHandler class is required for the canvas app to work

  • Enabled Visualforce Page Access:

Access to the Bookingbug visualforce pages is required to visit the studio pages

Set permission via canvas app
  • Profiles: which profiles can have access to the canvas app

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