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Direct Links are a new feature that allows your staff to share a direct booking link with their customers. Unlike the normal public booking journey or the personal booking link, Direct Links take the customer straight to the calendar step where they only have to choose a suitable date and time and fill in their details to book.

The service, staff, and location will already be preselected- making the booking experience as simple and fast as can be.

How to access

Please speak to your CSM to enable the feature. Once enabled, you will find direct links under every staff member's staff profile - simply navigate to the tab called "Direct Links".

Direct Links are based on the services that a staff member is assigned to in the "What & Where" tab. When a staff is unassigned from a service or a service is disabled, the link will no longer appear. The location that the staff member is logged into when navigating to the staff profile, is also the location that is preselected in the Link- meaning staff working at multiple locations can share a link for each.

Direct Links journeys can be shared with customers via email or any other customer communication and will drop the customer on the calendar step of the journey.

In the right-hand side summary panel(on mobile: bottom drawer that can be expanded) the pre-selected appointment details can be seen, the user will not be able to navigate backward or change these. The look and branding of the journeys will match the general booking journeys set up for the parent company.

If a direct link is no longer usable due to the service being disabled, or a staff no longer able to perform the service etc., there will be no available timeslots shown

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