V7.26.0 (Aug 20 2023)

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JRNI Release Notes v7.26.0 - 20th Aug 2023


  • Added a fix for reporting default transaction attributes to the New Relic
  • Allowing to save notification preferences in the v5 client admin API
  • Re-wrote any_or_none rules to show availability correctly based on if the company requires the person/resource to be present or not
  • Added some more logging around the SSO
  • Added q param to the admin client create signature
  • Added client params to the v5 booking update API
  • Fixed an issue where the side menu items in the branding theme builder were not showing in the correct state
Customer Journeys
  • Fixed an issue where customers are using as staff's personal booking link and end up booking appointments with any available staff member, not the expected specific staff member

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