V7.23.0 (July 31 2023)

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JRNI Release Notes v7.23.0 - 31st July 2023


  • We had an intermittent issue when certain tried to edit and save their schedules.
  • The Events API now returns the timezone and the locale for the event in the API response.
  • We had an issue with the adding additional staff attendees feature, which has now been fixed.
  • Deleting and uploading the same image was not getting uploaded to the Event.
  • On the customer journey, we had the payment page showing the "This field is required" message, even before providing any value.
  • We made cosmetic colour changes across our classic platform to follow the JRNI branding theme.

  • We have added support for English(UK), English(US), French (France) translations for the new customer journey builder.
  • We made significant authentication improvements for builder and branding APIs.
  • We have added support in the builder where you can configure to skip the location/ or service selection if it is a single occurrence.

Customer Journey
  • We had an issue with the slot URL parameter not calling times API correctly.
  • We made changes to display the studio-uploaded event image in the customer journey.

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