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Creating appointment bookings

Users can manually create bookings through one of two methods, using the ‘New Booking’ button or through the calendar.

Making a booking using the ‘New Booking’ button

This is the method best used for random allocation of staff and or resources, although you can select specific staff members or resources during the journey if you wish to.

  1. Log into your JRNI account and child location.
  2. Navigate to the Calendar page and click New Booking in the top right corner.
  3. You will then go through a multi-step booking process:
    1. Service - select the type of appointment from the drop down menu, the method (in person, video or by phone) will be shown next to the service name.
    2. Staff - at this point you can search for a specific member of staff or leave the drop down menu to say Any Person, which will randomly allocate an available staff member.
      Info: You will then see the same options available to you at the Select a date and time part of the booking journey. The only difference here is that you will need to select Apply to confirm your choice.
    3. Resource - If you need to, you can select a resource (e.g., a meeting room/office). You can also leave it on Any Resource, which will randomly allocate an available resource suitable for your appointment.
    4. Duration - The duration will automatically populate when you select a service, but some services allow you to amend the duration (e.g., a meeting automatically sets at 2 hours but can be changed to 3 or 4 hours).
    5. Select Continue.
    6. Date & time - The calendar will appear showing dates for the current week and the number of available slots on each day. Select a day and available time slot and select Continue.
    Tip: If you want to book for the week/s ahead, use the arrows next to the date to move the calendar to the desired date.
    1. Select attendee(s) - Here you can search and select an existing customer or Create new customer on the right-hand side. You can add multiple attendees to one appointment.
    Info: If you Create new customer you will need to select the box at the bottom that states the customer has provided consent for the use of their data. Then you can Save and add the new customer.
    1. Select Continue.
    2. Additional details - Add in any extra information about the booking through answering pre-determined questions. Then select Book.
    3. Booking confirmed - an overview of your booking will appear on the screen. 
    4. Once you have checked all of the details are correct, select Close.

Making a booking using the calendar

This is the method used for specific allocation of staff and or resources from the calendar page.

  1. Log into your JRNI account and select a location.
  2. Navigate to the Calendar page and choose the staff member you wish to make a booking for.
  3. Choose a time slot on the calendar and select Create booking.
  1. You will then be shown the same booking process as when you book through the New booking button (refer to the previous section for more details on the steps).
  2. The appointment will then appear in the calendar shortly after selecting Book.
Info: Once booked, a service’s duration cannot be changed on the calendar, it is a fixed time. The only way to override an existing booking with another would be to have Overbook enabled in Studio.

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about Creating appointment bookings, please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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