V7.20.0 (July 5 2023)

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JRNI Release Notes v7.20.0 - 5th July 2023


  • We have updated the font and colour scheme of Events to follow the same as JRNI Appointments.
  • We renamed 'Spaces' to 'Spaces Filled' in our Events product.
  • We now support creating events at a parent company, which are available to edit and use at the child locations.
  • The bulk importer now supports the creation of bulk single events.
  • We added an API that allows access to get an event & its landing page config.

  • Fixed an issue where the branding theme font page did not load when opened in a new studio session.
  • Fixed several issues around uploading a custom font in the journey builder.
  • We made some navigation and UX improvements to the Branding theme builder.
  • We improved the store opening hours for the call centre application.
  • We fixed issues where the incorrect journeys were being loaded in the builder.

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