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Editing and removing staff members

There are multiple ways that a staff member can be edited and managed, such as: their contact details, their schedules, and the locations they are assigned to. They can also be removed from your JRNI account entirely.

Some of the options will vary depending on whether you are managing the staff member at Parent or Child level

Editing staff at Parent and Child levels

Staff members can be created at any level in your company hierarchy, and therefore how you can manage them is also dependent on where they were created. Visit our guide on creating new staff members to learn more about staff creation at each level.

Typically, a staff member is edited at the Child level to ensure any updates are within context of their respective location(s):

  1. Log into your JRNI account.
  2. From the left-hand menu, click Your Business > Staff.
  3. Locate a staff member from the list displayed, or use the search bar.
  4. Click on the staff member’s name to open their Staff Profile.
  5. Click the Edit button to update the Details tab, or navigate to manage each individual tab.
  6. From the staff profile you can manage:
    1. Details: edit their contact details (such as the email address where they receive booking notifications) and availability settings
    2. Bookings: view their upcoming, past, or cancelled bookings
    3. Calendar (Child level only): view their individual calendar and any bookings associated. You can also create a booking directly from here.
    4. Schedule: create and amend their schedules
    5. Timeline: view a change log of their profile activity, including any email communications sent to them
    6. What & Where (Child level only): assign the staff member to particular Services they can be booked for, including any Resources (e.g., meeting rooms) they can be booked along with
JRNI Staff Profile page

Editing multi-location staff

If the staff member you are editing works across multiple locations, they can be updated at either the Parent company or Child location.

Updating the staff’s Details tab (e.g., their contact details) will take global effect, regardless of whether you update them at the Parent company or Child location.

Updating the staff’s What & Where tab (e.g., their services and resources) is only possible to edit at the Child location(s) they are assigned to. Making any changes to this tab will only affect the location where it is updated.

Creating or amending staff availability on the Schedule tab will take global effect, regardless of whether this is done at the Parent or Child level. To create unique, location based availability, visit our guide on creating availability for multi-location staff.

Updating the locations the staff member is assigned to is only possible at the Parent level.

Deleting a staff member

Before deleting a staff member, it’s a good idea to check any upcoming bookings they have, as you may wish to cancel or reschedule them first. You can check the staff member’s upcoming bookings by navigating to their Staff Profile, followed by a) the Bookings tab or b) the Calendar tab. 

Once the staff member has been deleted, any of their existing bookings will remain in place with the staff member’s name attached. This gives you the opportunity to still locate and action the booking if needed.

To delete a staff member, navigate to their Staff Profile by clicking Your Business > Staff. Click on the staff member’s name and click the Delete button on their profile. 

  • Deleting at Child level: deleting a staff member at a Child location will remove them from that location only. If the staff member was created at Parent, and is assigned to other locations, they remain intact there and will only be removed from the location where deleted.
  • Deleting at Parent level: deleting a staff member at Parent level (e.g., HQ) will remove them from the Parent, including any Child locations they were assigned to.
Deleting a staff member.

Disabling a staff member

If you are unsure about permanently deleting a staff member, or think they may need to be added again in future, it's recommended that you disable the staff member instead. Tick the Disabled option on the Details tab from their Staff Profile.

Disabling a staff member

As with deleting a staff member, any past or existing bookings would remain unaffected and would need to be manually rescheduled or cancelled, if required.

FAQs and troubleshooting

Is it possible to re-assign a staff member created at a Child location to the Parent level instead?

Once a staff member has already been created at a Child level, it’s not possible to re-assign them to the Parent. In this case, the best option would be to delete the staff member from the Child location and re-create them at the Parent level. From there, you can assign the staff member to one or more Child locations where they are bookable.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about editing or deleting staff members, please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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