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Categories can be shown in the customer journey to make it easier for customers to find the service they are looking for. They are configured in Studio on the categories page. Once enabled, the categories set up in Studio will appear in the customer journey. You can also add descriptions and images to accompany your category name.

Note: You must be on the latest version of the customer journey to see categories in the booking journey - please contact JRNI Customer Support if you need to upgrade to the latest version of the customer journey. 

If you do not have the Your Business > Categories option available in JRNI Studio and would like to, please contact JRNI Customer Support.

Creating a new category

  1. Login to Studio and to a child location.
  2. Navigate to Your Business > Categories.
  3. Select Create new category in the top right of the page.
  4. Fill out the creation fields:
    1. Name: Give your category a relevant name.
    2. Description: Provide an explanation for the category that you are making.
    3. Image: Here you can add an image which can help to visualise the services offered. These will be displayed in the customer booking journeys and shouldn't exceed the maximum file size of 2MB.
    4. Category type: There are two types of categories that you can create, these are:
      1. Parent category: this category type is used if you want to contain other categories.
      2. Service category: this category type will contain services and not other categories.
Note: At least one service category must be assigned to a parent category. You cannot create an empty parent category. Further, if you have created a service category but have not assigned any services to the category, it will appear in the customer journey as an empty category.

How to edit/delete a category

  1. Login to Studio, to a parent or child location.
  2. Navigate to Your Business > Categories.
  3. Find the category you wish to edit/delete and select either the Edit or Delete button on the right hand side.
  4. If you select Edit you will be presented with the creation fields where you can amend any of the details.
  5. Select Save & Close.
  6. Your changes will be automatically applied.
  7. If you select Delete, you will be shown the below popover asking you to confirm your decision. 
Deleting a category
  1. Once you confirm your decision by selecting Delete, the category will be removed from the category list.
Creation fields for category

Warning: Please note that if you delete a parent category, all service categories will be deleted with it. To avoid this, we recommend that you unassign all service categories from the parent category before deleting.

Still have questions?

If you have any questions about category changes within Studio or the front-end journey, please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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