V7.24.0 (Aug 9 2023)

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JRNI Release Notes v7.24.0 - 9th Aug 2023

New features

  • We rolled out the second phase of our multi-staff feature which now allows you to search for and add staff across different location, tied to an admin setting that controls this. We also allow staff to be added that are not assigned to the specific service if their expertise is needed regardless and lastly the multi staff bookings can now be dragged and dropped to different slots on the calendar


  • We are now allowing the use of the new scheduler on the v5 admin API
  • We added some API security specs
  • Fixed an issue where the first bookings of the day with specific pre/post weren't being marked as busy
  • The v4 public time API now uses our new scheduler
  • General improvements and fixes of API's

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V7.25.0 (Aug 9 2023)

V7.23.0 (July 31 2023)