V7.38.0 (November 20 2023)

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JRNI Release Notes v7.38.0 - 20th Nov2023

New Feature

Mobile Responsive Studio

We're thrilled to announce a significant enhancement to Studio - it's now fully mobile responsive! We've heard your feedback loud and clear regarding the need for Studio to be accessible and optimized for mobile devices. We understand the importance of flexibility and accessibility in today's fast-paced environment, where staff may need to access Studio on the go, whether it's a mobile phone or tablet.

With this release, Studio has been redesigned and optimized to ensure seamless usability across various screen sizes and devices. Now, your staff can enjoy the full functionality of Studio conveniently from their mobile devices, without compromising on the user expierence or functionality.


  • We added a toggle in the journey builder to have the ability to enable and disable the notification preference feature for the customer journey

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