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Event Registration Journeys

Customer Experience

The JRNI platform offers a customer-facing application that enables your customers to explore and register for upcoming events seamlessly. With its modern design, responsive & user-friendly interface, adherence to accessibility standards, and improved performance, the event journey provides a simple and intuitive experience for registering for upcoming events.


The events list and journey are configured through the configurator managed by the JRNI team. You will be requested to provide the banner images and branding theme URL. Learn how to set a branding theme here.

Events List page

The Events List page is your customer’s starting point for exploring upcoming events. Customers can browse, filter and select an event based on their preferences. Each parent company in Studio, will have its own customizable events list page. The event list page for each parent company will feature all events hosted by its associated child companies/ locations.

You'll find a prominent banner at the top of the page featuring an image, title, and caption. This visual element enhances the page's aesthetics and provides additional context to enhance your customer’s event browsing experience.

The banner image can be set up within the configurator. Each parent company can be assigned a distinct banner image. Banner images can also be customized for desktop, tablet & mobile. Kindly reach out to the JRNI team to submit the necessary banner images.

Desktop  resolution: 1440 x 320 px

Tablet resolution: 768 x 320 px

Mobile resolution: 430 x 320 px

Max recommended size: 500KB

Events list

The events list page showcases upcoming events from all child companies that belong to the parent company. Please be aware that any past or disabled events will not be shown. Customers can click the ‘Register now’ button to proceed to the event journey/registration page.

Event journey

The new event journey enables your customers to register for an event effortlessly. Currently, our event journeys only allow registering for free events, but we are working on supporting paid events as well.

Booking Journey

Registration consists of 2 steps:

  1. Ticket selection: Choose the desired number of tickets. Please note, if the maximum number of allowed tickets per booking (as specified in the event creation form) is 1, this step will be automatically hidden.
  1. Enter details: Provide personal details, fill out event booking questions, give consent and confirm.

The summary panel on the right shows the information about the registration.

Confirmation page

The confirmation page provides comprehensive details of registration, including the booking reference ID, event location, date, time, number of tickets, and personal information. Customers can conveniently add the event to their calendar or make adjustments such as rescheduling or canceling the registration.

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