V7.42 - V.7.44 (January 2024)

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JRNI Release Notes v7.42 - v7.44 January 2024

New releases

We are excited to announce that we have been busy behind the scenes working on some big improvements to our events booking solution. Our events 2.0 roll-out includes: A new design of the events list page, improvements to the new events landing page builder including a new design template, brand new and improved UI and UX of the event booking journeys and overview page, allowing the bulk upload of events, making sure the new evens booking journey is mobile responsive and adding capabilities for a tighter integration between events and appointments.


  • Removed the company “Copy” button in the super admin interface as it duplicates a large amount of items across the codebase. Replace it with a dev endpoint providing the same functionality
  • Updated the country code list on the BE to match the front-end list
  • Removed EWS v1 and ical overlays as these are not in use
  • Fixed the logic for deciding which address a session uses
  • Solving some issues around memory bloats
  • Fixed an issue where the event image was not visible in the event settings page of bulk-imported events
  • Fixed and sped up some database calls of the new scheduler
  • Made rails session resilient to failed serialization/deserialization
  • Enhanced the Pusher payload for slots to support rendering whilst keeping Transmit Personally Identifiable Information save
  • Created new APIs to support the new event overview page including event infos and different filtering capabilities

  • Allowing all infos, inputs and settings of a live customer journey to be copied over into a draft journey when making a copy of it in the journey builder and adding a timestamp info the the copy title for easier identification
  • Allowing further customization of the text shown in the journeys, specifically the progress bar step titles and the file upload info text (as part of the journey builder)
  • Added a new setting to the journey builder to control if country flags should be shown on the phone input field (country code selector)
Customer Journeys
  • Introduced a brand new events booking journey with UX and Ui optimised flow, infos and features - based on different use cases and set ups
  • Better integration of events and appointments
  • Mobile optimised event journeys

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