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Using the Basic Dashboard

JRNI Analytics Basic gives you a snapshot of key metrics for your business. Explore real-time data through a dashboard overview, reports, visualizations, and access to predefined CSV extracts. 

JRNI Analytics Basic Dashboard

Locating Analytics Basic

  1. Login to your JRNI account.
  2. Click Analytics on the left-hand menu and select Basic from the dropdown.
    1. Browse each of the Bookings tabs to view available visualizations, or;
    2. Click the CSV Reports tab to generate and download from a selection of reports.

Booking Visualizations

The JRNI Basic Dashboard gives you a visual overview of bookings, broken down by the following:

  • Bookings by Day
  • Bookings by Location
  • Bookings by Service
  • Bookings by Status
  • Bookings by Channel
  • Cancellation Rates

Generating and downloading CSV Reports

Generate a new report:
  1. Click the CSV Reports tab.
  2. Click View under Reports.
  3. Click one of the available report types you wish to generate.
  4. Click Create next to a specific report.
  5. Enter a date range for the report and click the CSV button.
  6. Your report will now generate and appear in the Saved Reports section.
Download a report:
  1. Click the CSV Reports tab.
  2. Click View under Saved Reports.
  3. You’ll see any previously generated reports listed here.
  4. Click Actions > Download next to the report you wish to download.

CSV Report Types

The Basic Dashboard has several preconfigured visualizations and downloadable reports, based on date ranges you select. These include:

Bookings reports:
  • Bookings by Service
  • Bookings by Resource
  • Bookings by Staff
  • Single Appointments
  • Events
Customer reports:
  • Basic Reports
User reports:
  • User Access Report

Still have questions?

If you still have questions about using JRNI Analytics Basic, please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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