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Staff and resource mapping for Exchange

Note: You will need Parent level access to action the steps in this guide.

Object Mapping can be used to link JRNI objects with Exchange mailboxes. This currently applies to JRNI staff and resources.

Staff and resources configured in JRNI can be mapped to an Exchange email through the Studio interface (v3 and up). The inputs can be found in the Manage page of a configured Exchange integration.

From here, staff or resources can be edited and mapped to the desired Exchange address. The objects in Staff and Resource are dynamically populated by the configuration in JRNI. Staff and resources do not need to be manually added to this list.

Staff mapping

  1. Log into your Studio account at parent level.
  2. From the left-hand menu go to Settings > Integrations > Exchange.
  3. Click Manage.
  4. The window below will appear. Under the Actions column, click the Edit button.
  1. On the following screen you can add/edit the desired email to create/modify mapping between JRNI and exchange users.
Adding or modifying the Exchange email
Note: Object mapping is 1:1, and therefore each staff and/or resource must have a unique email address. It's not possible to use the same address for multiple staff/resources.
  1. Click Save.

The steps above will need to be repeated for each new staff or resource created in JRNI Studio.

Resource mapping

In Studio, resources refer to your bookable means to carry out a meeting, which need to be made available for bookings. Most commonly this would be a meeting room.

Using the same steps as above, you can map Studio resources to calendars for the same purpose. On step 4, simply select the Resources tab instead of the People tab.

JRNI schedules and block times

Mapped objects which are set up with their own availability schedules in JRNI will appear as blocked in Exchange calendars reliant upon their set schedules and their availability. You will see spaces marked out in in your Exchange calendar labelled "Blocked by JRNI".

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