V7.15.0 (June 1 2023)

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JRNI Release Notes V7.15.0 - 1st June 2023


Customer Journey
  • We added the company's timezone to store opening hours for better visibility.
  • The call centre application showed the store opening hours incorrectly, which has been amended.
  • Fixed an issue where opening hours on the location step of the booking journeys were not displayed correctly for Call Centres
  • We fixed an issue with editing and saving customer information while creating an appointment for the customer.
  • We added the 'Preview' banner to the customer journeys when it is open in preview mode.
  • We added the 'Publish' button to the journey builder, which publishes the customer journey.
  • We took customer feedback and updated the colour scheme to tone down the colour in Studio.
  • We have added custom text and translations in the new customer journey builder.
  • We fixed an issue where when adding notes to a booking, it was re-assigning the appointment to another staff member.
  • We fixed a number of caching issues when a journey was being published through the builder.

  • We updated the APIs on our Looker integration to v4 of their API.
  • We made changes to how the position of the queue is calculated in our Queuing product.
  • We fixed an issue where the time and date of the appointment weren't displaying correctly on customer notification emails.

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