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Locating bookings and customers

Whether you need to view/manage a customer or a particular booking, learn how to quickly and easily find what you need in your JRNI account. 

Locating a customer

  1. Navigate to Your Business > Customers.
  2. Use the search bar to search for an existing customer to view their customer details and any associated bookings.
New customers can also be created from this page using the Create new customer button in the top right.

Use the global search bar from the top menu to search by customer name, email address, phone number, or customer reference number.

Customer page

Navigate to Your Business on the left-hand menu and select Customers to see a full list of customers. Use the customer search bar to filter by name or email address.

Customer Profile

The customer profile displays all the information stored about the customer, including any associated bookings. From here, you can also edit and update the customer’s details, add them to any existing queues you may have, or create a new booking on their behalf.

Navigate to Your Business > Customers and select a customer from your list.

Customer profile
  1. Details: displays any contact information stored about the customer. Scroll down and click the Edit button to update their details, or use the Delete button to erase the customer.
  2. Bookings: displays any Upcoming, Past or Cancelled bookings associated with the customer. Click onto one of the bookings to open the Booking Profile.
  3. Audit: displays a record of changes made to the customer’s details, and any emails sent to the customer.

Locating a booking

Depending on your user permissions, there are various ways to locate any (or your own) bookings and view the associated Booking Profile.

Search bar

Use the global search bar from the top menu to search by customer name, email address, phone number, customer reference number, or booking reference number. 

If you search using customer details, you will land on the Customer Profile. Click the Bookings tab to locate any Upcoming, Past, or Cancelled bookings. 

If you search using the booking reference number, you will be taken directly to the Booking Profile where you can review/manage all the booking details.


Use the calendar to locate a booking by navigating to the known booking date, or by using the search bar to filter by a staff member associated with the booking. Alternatively, click the Agenda tab to view a list of bookings by day, week, or month. Click onto any booking to open the Booking Profile.

It is important to know that the Week and Month views are not accessible for staff groups of more than 15 people.

Booking Profile

The Booking Profile page displays all the information related to the booking and allows you to take key booking actions:

  1. Booking: displays an overview of the booking.
    1. Basic info: displays basic booking information, such as: when and where the booking will take place, which service and staff member are booked.
    2. Booking Questions: view answers to any questions that the customer was asked at the time of the booking.
    3. Outcomes: complete/view answers to any questions related to the outcome of the booking, once completed.
  2. Attendees: view attendees or add more staff/customers to the booking.
  3. Notes: view/add any notes to the booking.
  4. Timeline: view any emails sent the customer, including any changes made to the customer’s profile.
  5. Video Call: if the booking is intended to be delivered remotely it can be joined by the staff member on this page, by clicking Begin Appointment.
  6. Reschedule: use this button to reschedule the booking.
  7. Cancel: use this button to cancel the booking.

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about locating customers and their bookings, please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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