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Setting up a virtual queue

JRNI Virtual Queuing enables your company and its staff to efficiently manage queuer lines and wait times. This article walks through the process of setting up a new queue, and assigning staff and services to it.

There are three key capabilities available that go hand-in-hand for the full virtual queuing experience:

  • Queues: this is where queue set up and creation is done - covered in this article.
  • Concierge: this is where staff can manage one or more live queues.
  • Display Board: this is an optional, customer-facing visualization that can be set up to keep in-store queuers informed on the live queue status.

One or more queues can be set up for each individual company branch, by creating them at your Child level locations, as required. However, note that at least one queue must be set up before the Concierge page and Display Boards are available to be used.

Enabling staff and services for queuing

In order for staff and services to be made available for any queues, they will first need to have the following settings configured on the staff and service profiles, respectively. Once configured, these staff and services will appear for selection during queue creation.


Ensure the Queuing Disabled option is set to “no” in individual staff settings. Only these staff members can be added to queues.

In Studio, on the left hand-menu navigate to Your Business > Staff > Select a staff member > Edit > Queuing disabled > No. Staff members with this setting applied will now appear as options during queue creation.

Important: Queuing does not use a staff member’s schedule to determine when they can serve customers. This is handled on the Concierge page independently. These staff will also remain bookable for appointments as usual.

Ensure the Queuing Disabled option is set to “no” in individual service settings. Only these services can be added to queues. 

In Studio, on the left hand-menu navigate to Your Business > Services > Select a service > Edit > Queuing disabled > No. Note: you may need to be logged in at the Parent level to edit a service, depending on where it was originally created.

For services, you can also choose for the queue duration to be different from your usual service duration for appointment bookings. You will find this on the service profile, above the queuing option.

Enabling staff for JRNI Virtual Queuing

Creating a queue

Once your required staff and services have been enabled for queuing, you can now begin creating your new queue(s):

Creating a queue

  1. Log into your JRNI account, at a Child level location.
  2. Select the Your Business > Queues from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the Create New button from the top right.
  4. On the new queue form, complete the following:
    1. Name: this can be an internal or external name for your queue
    2. Public name: this is the customer-facing name you would like to give your queue. Note, if left blank the above Name field will display publicly instead.
    3. Disabled: tick this to disable your queue from going live. Untick to set your queue live.
    4. Services: select at least one or more services that can be delivered from this queue. Note, once a service has already been assigned to a queue, it won’t be possible to assign it to any other queues at the same time.
    5. Staff: select at least one or more staff members who can serve the queue. Staff members can be added to multiple queues if necessary. 
Note: queuing ignores any Who/What/Where settings that pair staff and services together. Queues allow for any added staff to deliver any added service.
  1. Select Create to save your new queue. The queue will now be available to view and manage from the Concierge page, under the Home tab.
New queue creation form

Updating, disabling, or deleting a queue

Navigate to the Queues page, via the Home > Your Business tab:

A) Select the Edit button to update the queue name, to enable/disable it, or to update which services or staff are available in the queue.

B) Select the Delete button to permanently delete a queue. After selecting Delete, you will be asked to confirm the action.

Editing or deleting a queue

Disabling staff and/or services from queues

There are a couple of options for disabling staff and/or services from existing or future queues:

A) As per the steps above, navigate to a queue from the Home > Your Business > Queues tab. Select the Edit button and untick any staff or services that you wish to remove from the queue. This option is recommended if the staff member may wish to be enabled in the queue in future.

B) To disable any staff or services from being added to any queues whatsoever, follow the steps on enabling staff and services for queuing, but instead set the Queuing disabled option to Yes.

Disabling staff or services from a queue

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about creating a virtual queue, or enabling virtual queuing on your JRNI account, please contact our Support team, who will be happy to help.

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