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Editing and removing Resources

There are multiple ways that an existing resource can be edited and managed, including the confirmation email address, its scheduled availability, and the staff and services that it can be booked alongside with. It can also be disabled or deleted, if required.

Editing resources

As with creating new resources, editing resources can only be done at the Child level.

  1. Log into your JRNI account, to a location where the resource resides.
  2. From the left-hand menu click Your Business > Resources.
  3. Click onto the resource you wish to edit, which will open up the resource profile.
  4. From here, you can navigate through each tab to view or manage the following:
    1. Details: click the Edit button to update key resource information.
    2. Bookings: view and manage upcoming, past, or cancelled bookings for the resource.
    3. Calendar: view and manage any bookings associated with the resource. You can also create a booking directly from here.
    4. Schedule: create and amend resource availability / shift patterns.
    5. Timeline: view a change log of the resource profile activity.
    6. Who (staff) & What (service): assign the resource to particular staff or services that it can be bookable with.
    7. Image (under Details tab): click the image icon to upload a custom image file for the resource. 2MB maximum file size.
Editing a resource via the resource profile

Removing resources

Should you need to stop a resource from being bookable, you can disable it from the customer journey, or delete it permanently from your JRNI account. 

Disabling resources from customer bookings

Use the Disable option on the resource profile to hide/remove it from the customer booking journey. Although the resource won’t appear to the customer once disabled, it can still be booked internally by staff within Studio admin. It will also appear on the staff calendar as usual. 

Disabling a resource

Once disabled, the resource will display a “Disabled” warning in the list of resources (as below).

Disabled resource flag
Permanently deleting resources

To permanently remove a resource from your JRNI account, use the Delete button via the resource profile. You’ll be asked to confirm the action before the resource is permanently deleted.

Permanently deleting a resource

Managing bookings with disabled or deleted resources

Disabling or deleting a resource does not impact any existing bookings. If the resource is no longer available for any upcoming bookings, use the reschedule option to choose another available resource, or cancel the booking if required.

For bookings that have deleted resources associated, the booking popup on the staff calendar will flag that the resource has been deleted.

Resource deleted flag

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about editing or removing resources, please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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