Guide to Salesforce Integration with JRNI

What is the benefit?

The JRNI Salesforce integration enables our clients to benefit from our appointment and event scheduling platform. Our Salesforce product provides all the necessary tools required to manage client appointments from within the CRM platform.

Key features

There main features of the JRNI integration:

  • Compatible with Classic / Lightning
  • Access to Studio with Salesforce user
  • Sync JRNI data (Customers/Appointments) via API
  • Use both Admin/Customer journeys inside Salesforce
  • Manage JRNI from inside Salesforce
  • Support Communities
  • Compatible with desktop and tablet


For more information about the integration. Please visit Salesforce App Exchange and our website.

Questions regarding the pricing/licence fees of the JRNI integration, please contact our Sales team / Account managers.


Please contact your Implementation Manager / Account Manager for more details about the following before linking your Salesforce account:

  • Backend Environment setup (users, configuration, …)
  • JRNI Studio setup
  • Link to latest Managed Package
  • Salesforce Environment setup (Sandbox and Production)

Next steps?

Now that we have everything in place, we can start with the configuration of the JRNI integration.

Part 1: Setup data sync between JRNI and Salesforce

  • Install app in Salesforce
  • Add integration in JRNI

Part 2: Link customers, appointments and events with Salesforce objects

  • Map customer information
  • Map appointment information
  • Map event information (coming soon)

Part 3: Link JRNI staff to Salesforce users

  • Add Salesforce user ID to JRNI staff

Part 4: Set up Studio inside Salesforce

  • Create a connected/canvas application
  • Set up SAML authentication

Part 5: Manage user permissions and profiles

  • Content coming soon..

Part 6: Set up a booking journey in Salesforce

  • Add the ability to create new appointments via our journey
  • Add the ability to edit appointments via our journey

Part 7: Configure Chatter to view booking updates

  • Configure Chatter settings to track events (bookings)

How did we do?

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