V7.9.0 (April 12 2023)

Ibrahim Lambat Updated by Ibrahim Lambat

JRNI Release Notes v7.9.0 - 12th April 2023


Customer Journey
  • We have added informative text to error icons on the customer journey.
  • we have now added name, role, and value to interactive elements on the customer journey,
  • We have changed our customer journeys where headers are correctly defined in the correct order.
  • We have added 'clientname' to the configurator to support the new customer journey and builder
  • Added the ability for an admin to add the customer logo in the new customer journey builder.
  • Added the ability for an admin to select from pre-existing fonts or upload new fonts for the customer journey builder.
  • We updated our API documentation to add the Bulk Importer API specs to the JRNI API documentation.
  • We are not including customer ID in the data we sync over to Snowflake.

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