V.7.47-V.7.48 (April 2024)

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JRNI Release Notes v7.48 - V7.49 April 2024


Our scheduler has undergone significant performance improvements, resulting in smoother task management and faster response times. We've also optimized Pusher for enhanced real-time communication, ensuring seamless collaboration and timely updates.

đź‘Ą New Journey Builder Features

We've rolled out a dynamic feature that adjusts the distance units (km/miles) based on the user's locale. Now, distances displayed within the Customer Booking Journeys will seamlessly adapt to the user's preferred measurement system, enhancing clarity and usability across diverse audiences.

You can now toggle the option to add additional attendees to your appointments on or off. Whether you're aiming for a more streamlined process or offering flexibility, this feature lets you tailor attendee management to suit your preferences.

We have made some great improvements to the mobile booking journeys: All previously selected appointment details are now viewable at all times in an expandable bottom panel (since there is no review step). This helps customers to double-check they made the right selection before booking.


  • For queuing we made a change to the way the position of the queue is calculated when using multiple queues
  • When a queue is marked as disabled, then a customer is now unable to join the queue
  • For the current journeys, we have fixed a bug to disable SMS notifications in the rescheduling flow, when a user has not selected these as a preferred notification channel
  • Fixed an issue where blocked slots in exchange were updated to booked slots
  • For personal booking links, we now only show those categories that contain at least one service that the staff member can perform so that the journey no longer shows categories that don’t contain any services
  • For events, the list of events is now ordered descending by the event date
Customer journeys
  • Based on your feedback, we have now added a visual "back" button to the journeys in addition to being able to use the browser back button, which makes it more apparent how to navigate through the steps and to better support iframes
  • When services with different durations also have different prices for those durations, the customer will not be allowed to reschedule to a different duration that would cost more/less (they can cancel and rebook)
  • To ensure the customer always knows which staff they are currently booking with (especially when using presets), whilst using a personal booking link, we now show the staff info component on all relevant steps -the service, location and calendar step of the journeys

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