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Using Table Calculations

You need to be using JRNI Analytics Plus to do this

With JRNI Analytics Plus, you can use Table Calculations to create your own metrics, and gather even more meaningful insights from your data. In the example below, we’ll create a simple calculation to display a percentage. 

Table Calculations will appear in green on your report.

Adding Table Calculations to a report

Table Calculations operate from the existing fields (dimensions/measures) added to a report. These will need to be in place before you can create a calculation. Check out “Creating your own reports” to learn more about adding your dimensions and measures.

Creating a Table Calculation

  1. Navigate to the Explore page of a report.
  2. From the Data section of the report, click the Calculations button.
  3. Enter a title to describe the purpose of your calculation (this will display as a label on your report).
  4. From the editor box, you can begin to locate and select the fields you wish to use for your calculation:
    1. We recommend typing the “$” symbol, so that the editor will suggest a list of fields already in use on your report (marked with a black dot), including any Totals used.
    2. Or, type a blank space to see the full list of fields that are available.
  5. As part of your formula, you’ll need to insert an “operator” to tell your calculation what you want to do with the fields you have chosen. For example:
    1. Mathematical (such as +, -, *, and /)
    2. Comparison (such as =, >, and <=)
    3. Logical (such as AND, OR, and NOT)
  6. Optionally, use the Format dropdown on the right to select a predefined format for your calculation (e.g percentage) or create a “custom” one.
  7. Click Save Table Calculations to add it to your report.
Using Table Calculations to view a percentage

In the example above, you’ll see we have used the “$” symbol to narrow down to the fields used on our existing report, used a mathematical operator (the forward slash) between our two chosen fields to perform a division, and then used a predefined format to display a percentage.

You can add as many calculations as you like by using the Add Table Calculation button.

Removing, Hiding or Editing Table Calculations

  1. Navigate to the Explore page of a report you wish to edit.
  2. From the Data section, locate a table calculation (will appear in green columns).
  3. Click the cog/gear icon.
Editing Table Calculations
  1. Select whether you wish to Remove, Edit (this is particularly useful to inspect existing calculations made by others), or Hide the calculation.

Still have questions?

If you have further questions about using Table Calculations or using JRNI Analytics Plus, please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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