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Creating resources

JRNI resources are bookable items that go hand-in-hand with services and staff. Resource types can vary largely depending on the industry or company, but they commonly accompany (or aid the delivery of) the services a company offers, such as: meeting rooms, styling suites, or equipment. Once added, you can set up their availability and determine which services or staff they can be booked with.

Creating new resources page

Creating resources

Note: Resources can only be created and managed at a company’s Child level, on a location-by-location basis.
  1. Log into a location for your JRNI account.
  2. Navigate to the left-hand menu and click Your Business > Resources.
  3. Click the Create new resource button from the top right corner.
  4. The resource creation form will appear for you to complete the following, as required:
    1. Name: the name of the resource (e.g., “Meeting Room 1”).
    2. Description: a description of the resource.
    3. Email: the email address that should receive a notification when the resource is booked.
    4. Disabled: tick this to disable the resource from being bookable by customers until manually re-enabled.
    5. Order: order the resource should appear when listed with other resources.
    6. Group: assign any pre-configured group to help visually categorize resources on the calendar. Visit the section below on Creating resource groups to learn more.
    7. Never mark as booked: tick this to enable the resource to continuously appear available regardless of any bookings / conflicts.
    8. iCal link: URL to alternate calendar, if configured.
    9. Address (line 1, 2, 3, 4, 5): the physical address of the resource.
    10. Postcode (ZIP code): the postal or ZIP code for the resource address.
    11. Country: the country the resource address is located.
  5. Click Save when complete.
Important: For a new resource to be bookable it will need to have staff and services assigned to it. You can check and amend the assignment by following the steps in the section below.

Assigning staff and services to a resource

In order for a resource to be bookable, it must have staff and services assigned to it. This can be done via the Who & What tab on the resource profile. For most JRNI configurations this is assigned automatically upon resource creation; however, we recommend you check the assignment, and amend where required, using the steps below:

The Who & What tab on the Resource profile
  1. From the left-hand menu click Your Business > Resources.
  2. Click onto the resource to open up the resource profile.
  3. Navigate to the Who & What tab:
    1. Use the Who tab to tick/untick the available staff members.
    2. Use the What tab to tick/untick the available services.
  4. Click Save upon editing each.

Creating resource groups

Resource groups can be created should you wish to categorize a large number of resources, making them easy for staff to visualize and locate on the calendar.

To create a new resource group, navigate to Your Business > Resources > Groups and click the + Create new button. Enter a name to reference the new group and a description, as required.

Once a resource group has been created, a new or existing resource can be added to the group. Navigate to the Resources tab, click onto any resource, and click the Edit button. Locate and use the Group dropdown to assign the resource to a group.

Creating resource groups

Resource mapping for Exchange

If you are using the Microsoft Exchange integration each resource can be synced to a desired Exchange email address. You may have have this in place already for existing resources and are looking to add new ones, or you may be looking to map resources and Exchange for the first time. Either way, when creating new resources in JRNI Studio, the additional step of mapping to Exchange will need to be done manually for each resource.

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about creating resources (or enabling them on your JRNI account), please contact JRNI Customer Support, who will be happy to help.

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Creating and managing resource availability