Creating and managing bookings via Call Center

A dedicated area where Call Center users can create and manage both bookings and customers.


Personal Booking Links

What is a personal booking link? A personal booking link is a unique link generated for each staff member that allows them to share their availability with clients. By sharing the link, the customer/…

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Locating bookings and customers

Learn how to quickly and easily locate existing bookings and customers within your JRNI account.


Resolving conflicting shift patterns

This article covers the key conflicts that can arise when creating and managing appointments and how you might resolve them.


Locations overview

Locations in JRNI allow you to manage your business at different levels. You can control an individual branch or view and make changes to all of your branches at one time (with parent level access).


Creating pre and post appointment questions

This guide walks through the process of creating questions to ask customers or staff before or after an appointment has taken place.


Changing the staff member or resource on an upcoming booking

You may need to amend the serving staff member or resource for an upcoming booking. This article will take you through the steps you will need to follow to make these changes.


Adding attendees to existing and upcoming bookings

With JRNI Appointments, you can add additional attendees when creating a booking or when a booking has already been created.


Rescheduling and canceling bookings

Changes to a booking? No problem! Learn to quickly and easily change a booking date, time, staff member, or cancel the booking altogether.


Blocking out time on the calendar

With JRNI you can block out the time of individual members of staff on the calendar. This will make this slot unavailable for bookings for the selected member or staff.


Creating appointment bookings

Users can manually create bookings through one of two methods, using the ‘New Booking’ button or through the calendar.


Calendar overview

The calendar is the central hub for appointments, staff schedules, and seeing your business’ day-to-day operations.


Parent and Child level overview

Learn about JRNI's Parent-Child level structure and how your Staff, Resources, Services, and Users can be best managed at each level.


Using Check In for appointments

Welcoming customers into store or branch? Use JRNI Check In to manage and track arrivals, no shows, and completed appointments.