​Analytics overview

Get full insight into JRNI's analytics and reporting capabilities.


Google Analytics - New Customer Journeys

Our new Customer Journeys allow the tracking of data into your Google Analytics 4 account. This guide explains what data will be collected and how you can set up the link to your GA4. When you add yo…

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Using the lead time dashboard

What is the lead time dashboard? The lead time report provides valuable insight into the lead time (or wait) for a specific service and location. The report shows the name of the location, the name o…

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Using the Appointment Dashboard

Use the Appointment Dashboard to understand performance of appointments in a specific region/location.


Using the HQ Dashboard

Use the HQ Dashboard to gain an overview of performance across your locations.


Setting up KPI targets and alerts

Create and set your own KPIs, targets and alerts on existing reports.


Drilling down into your data

Explore another layer of data and understanding, by drilling further into your data.


Using Table Calculations

Use Table Calculations to create your own metrics, and gather even more meaningful insights from your data.


Filtering Dashboard and Report data

Use JRNI Analytics filters to focus on the data you're most interested in.


Creating your own Reports

Use JRNI Analytics Plus to gain control of your data by creating and customizing your own reports.


Creating and modifying a Dashboard

Use JRNI Analytics Plus to create your own dashboards, or modify existing ones, to better reflect your reporting needs.


Sending, scheduling, and downloading Reports/Dashboards

Send, schedule or download reports and dashboards to share with others.


Exploring the library of Dashboards and Reports

Explore the JRNI Analytics template library of Dashboards and Reports.


Using the Conversion Dashboard

Use the Conversion dashboard to understand which of your stores, services, and staff are contributing the most to your revenue growth.


Using the Event Dashboard

Use the Event Dashboard to understand performance of events in a specific region/location.


Using the Basic Dashboard

Use JRNI Analytics Basic to get a snapshot of key metrics for your business.


Using the Capacity Dashboard

The Capacity Dashboard displays an overview of bookable capacity across your business, including staff capacity by region or branch/store.